FAST NU NTS Based Aggregate Calculator

This Aggregate Calculator helps in calculating your aggregate score which is combination of your FSC and NTS test Marks. Please enter your marks.


Your aggregate score will be calculated automatically.



66 thoughts on “FAST NU NTS Based Aggregate Calculator

  1. I want to apply at fast lahore campus session 2017. Are I m apply on the base of December nts 2016 testtest ?

  2. If aggregate is 74.5, at the least.
    Will i get into CS next year?

  3. My aggregate based on nts is 77. What are my chances of getting into CS ISB?
    i got 75% marks in FSC-I and 79 marks in NAT-IE, do i need to improve my score?

    1. Dude your admission is confirmed in Isb.

      1. Hey bro my aggregate is 62.0 % via nts
        Please tell me can I get admission in isb fast in CS AND FAST FAISLABAD CS???

        1. I got 68 marks in nat and 70% in ics, is there any chances in bscs program or EE in faisalabad camous?

      2. How to apply for FAST after NTS ? Reply as soon as possible.

  4. i got 77.88 % aggregate.Kya mera Fast me BSCS me admission ho jayega???

  5. I got 76 marks in NTS(NAT) and 426 marks out of 520 in Fsc Part 1
    Any chance in EE or CV .
    In Fast Lahore Campus

    1. good chances if your part 2 marks are good

    2. Can you please give me some details forNTS(NAT) ??

      1. Email me or add me on Facebook(Irtiza rasul)( i will provide you

  6. I got 76 marks in NTS(NAT)
    and 426 marks out of 520 in Fsc part 1
    Any Chance in EE or CV
    In Fast Lahore Campus

  7. My aggregate is 72.7any chance in civil engineering at fast.

  8. My aggregate is coming out 70 based on nts. Any chances in cs lahore

  9. I have scored 77% marks in part 1 , and scored 70 marks in Nts (nat-ics) test . Is there is any chance for BSCS in Fast lhr????

    1. lahore is tough

  10. My Fsc score is 466/520 how many marks do i have to get in Nts or Nu to get admission in Fast CS LAHORE.


  12. i have applied for CS and submitted…but now i also want to apply in EE ….can i change my form now??

  13. Haasha Bin Atif


    I got an aggregriate of 73 through NTS
    what are my chances of FAST Islamabad

  14. Sir i got 456/550 in Fsc-1 and 50 in NTS. My aggregate is 66.45 am I eligible for admission in Fast Karachi?

  15. My aggregate on nts based becomes 68% do i gwt admission in fast Islamabad in EE

  16. Mubashir Mehmood


    My total agrigate is 68.57 ….in which field of fast lahore i,ll get admission..??

  17. I got 60% marks in Fsc part 1 and 72 marks in nts….do
    I have a chance for CS in fast Islamabad or Lahore

  18. ny agregate is about 75% .Is there any chance for me to get admission

  19. Sir my aggregate comes out to be 78% ….. can I get an admission in isb fast electrical engineering? ???

  20. My aggregate is 77.4 . Is this appropriate for admission in FAST islamabad fo bs(computer science)

    1. yeah go on apply for it

  21. my aggrt is 67.70% should i apply for fast isb bs cs on nts base

  22. if i apply for nts test in july dates will i be elligible to get addmission in fast isb.

  23. My aggregate is about 76.567 ( applying through NTS) . Is there any possibility that i will get admission in FAST ( Engineering ) … If yes, what is the admission procedure.

    1. Yes depending upon your campus and field

  24. Hamza Sultan Rana


    Nts marks 84. SSC 82.5% and HSSC 75%. Aggregate according to NTS 79. Chances of admission in BS CS Lahore?

  25. I got 63 marks in NU(entry test), if I consider these marks out of 110 and if I consider 100 marks then it will be 67
    and 450 marks out of 520 in Fsc part 1
    Any Chance in EE or CS
    In Fast Lahore Campus.
    Can you tell me how much chances that I will get admission ?

  26. Hassaan Farooq


    MY AGGREGATE IS 79 %. CAN i get admission in lahore or isb fast uni. Tell me please.

  27. 69.12 agreegate on basis of NAT
    71.22 agreegate on basis of NU TEST

    Any chance in CS ISB

  28. Sir I got 82 percent marks in matric 77 percent in part 1 and 53 in aggregate is there any chance for me in fast lhr for bscs

  29. Sir my aggregate is 72.32 any cahnce in lhr bscs

  30. 69.9% agregate on the basis of nat
    any chance in cs in karachi campus

  31. how I apply in fast on nts base after fast-Nu test

  32. 58% aggregate.
    Any chance in FSD campus in CS or EE???

  33. sohaib hussain


    i have got 71 in nts and 70% in 1st part any chance in cs or ee in isb/lahore campus. please?

  34. I have got 70 marks in nts. And 70% in fsc. Any chance in civil engineering ? ?

  35. My aggregate is 68.27%. What are the chances for CS in Islamabad?

  36. my aggregate is 35 can i get Admsn in BS EE peshawer campus ??

  37. Aoa. My agg=77 and fsc marks=441/520 any chance for EE in Fast Islamabad campus..???

  38. I want to admission in nust my agrigate is 60

  39. soory not nust want in Fast universty islamabad

  40. my aggregate total 67 in fast can chance in isb fast in ee

  41. Reply plz admin hello admin
    66 nts 381/520 fsc 890 / 1050 matric any chance in civil

  42. sir i got 62.2 agg. with nu test and 75.6 agg with NAT test any chances in bscs in isl or fsb????

  43. I got 405/550 in 1st year , can I get admission in Islamab campus. ( EE )

  44. I got 465/520 Marks in Fsc Part How much I should score in nts 2018 to get admition in fast lahore 2018

  45. My aggregate is 82% am i having any chance in EE lahore?

  46. I scored 392/520 in fsc part 1 and 74 in nts.. what are my chances of getting admission at fast lahore (CS)

  47. My aggregate is 74.6 can i get admission in fast (cs) at lahore??

  48. My NTS-ICS marks are 72 and i got 62 percent marks in intermediate , Overall aggregate 67. Is there any chance for admission in bscs in Isb?

  49. My aggregate is 75.5557
    is there any chance for civil eng. in FAST lahore campus………………..?

  50. can I get admission in cfd campus if I my nts aggregate is 63.5

  51. I got 428 marks in 11th grade and 62.5 in fast nu test….. My aggregate is 72.4…. My chances for CS in lahore…

  52. Aoa..
    My aggregate is 65 any chance in BS EE or. BS CS In islamabad or Lahore campus…

  53. i have 67.57 aggregate is there any chance for bscs in lahore campus ?

  54. 60.54 any chance in IST ?

  55. AOA.
    Aggregate: 65.153 (NTS BASIS)
    Hoping to get a reply. Tia

  56. I have 74.9 aggregate. Any chance for Civil or Electrical in Lahore??

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