Following is the Entry test pattern of FAST NU For Fall Admissions 2017. There will be 100 questions in total the weightage for english section is 10% whereas for physics it will be 20%. The time alloted and marks distribution is given below in chart. If you have any questions feel free to ask in comments.




31 thoughts on “FAST NU ENTRY TEST PATTERN 2017

  1. What is this advance maths and basic maths?

  2. Sir in fast test I attempted all the questions and 57 are correct .how much marks I will get after negative marking

    1. share your full report card

  3. I think this chart is not right because the invigilator told us that there is. 1:3 ratio fir every 3 wrong 1 mark is deducted. Have you posted the aggregate calculatir according to these wrightage and negative marks?

    1. it is always 1/4

  4. 60.18any chance in CV or ee Lahore

    1. Mushkil ha

  5. Assalam u Alaikum.
    Sir, I got 76 marks in NTS 2017. Is there any chance for CS in Fast Lahore/Islamabad?

  6. 67% FSc part 1 and 76 nts. Any chance CS Lahore

  7. 78% in fsc part 1 how much marks required in nts to take admission in cs and EE.

  8. Faizan Khan Ghauri


    Nts marks 77
    Fsc marks 880
    Nts based Aggregate 78.5%
    Any chance in CS?

  9. 64.45% total aggregate , do i have any chance in CS in islamabad ?

  10. Matric 86.6%
    Fsc part 1 85%
    NU test
    English 13
    Basic math 8
    Adv. math 20
    IQ 13
    Physics 13
    any chance in computer or civil engineering

  11. 61.2 in fast nu test any scope in cv lahore campus

  12. my aggregate is 70 on nts basis any chance in cs in any campus? plz do mention campus

  13. Matric 74
    Fsc part 1 :70.2
    Fast Nu :57 marks corrected
    Any chance in cs Karachi

  14. Matric:74
    Fsc part 1:70.4
    Fast Nu: 57 total corrected
    Chances for CS Karachi Campus?

  15. I want to ask that the what will be Total marks in FAST NU test my paper was like
    PHYSICS 20 Mcqs
    MATH. 40 Mcqs
    English. 20 Mcqs
    IQ. 20 Mcqs
    Basic. 10 mcqs
    Is fast nu paper is of 100 marks?

  16. 61.27 aggregate, chance in Fast Islamabad?

  17. negative marking hai k nahi

  18. Fsc part (1) 406/520
    Entry test
    Phy 14/20
    IQ 12/19
    Adv math 25/40
    Basic math 6/10
    English 11/20
    Plz total score??

  19. I attempted 83 questions and 66 correct how marks
    Adv math : 22 correct out of 31
    Phy : 15 out of 18
    I.Q : 13 out of 18

  20. Got 61.25 aggregate
    Any chance in Lahore EE ?

  21. Sir in case test score not good martic marks 696 so we got admission in cs

  22. How to Cal culculate aggregate plz

  23. 61.25 eggreget ha lhr ya kahen ho jay ga admetion mera..pazzz halp 03057826382

  24. pre medical wala apply ker skta hai agr us ki maths ki tyari ho to

  25. Sir fast ma kia hum nts or Nu ka test ka zariya admission la saktha ha . Ya phr dono test da da jis ma acha marks hun gha wi consider hun gha

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